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H V.

My past chiropractic experience has been limited primarily to basic adjustments. After seeing Dr. Peggy, she has opened up my eyes to a completely different world. She has not only helped alleviate my shoulder issues, but she has assisted me in understanding & improving my entire body mechanics. Her services are truly customized.

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I’ve been to chiropractors in the past but my knowledge of the type of services offered were limited to adjustments. My experience with Dr. Chin was completely different and is making me re-think the way I conceptualize the way I move and breathe during workouts and normal every day sitting/sleeping.

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Exceptional combination of chiropractic, massage, and kinesiology. One stop for skeletal and muscular recover and maintenance. I’m a competitive paddler (outrigger canoe) and rider (equestrian).   Dr. Peggy is herself an athlete and understands what I need to perform well, improve performance, and maintain so I can keep doing what I love for years to come.